(Español) Ya está disponible la web de X-ELIO

(Español) Ya está disponible la web de X-ELIO

Already available X-ELIO’s website! Within the rebranding of Gestamp Solar by X-ELIO, the main updating was the change of the company’s website. So, if you access to X-ELIO’s web you will find out information about the new brand of the company, its mission and vision, and videos by the CEO, Jorge Barredo.

X-ELIO begins a new corporate era, aiming to consolidating itself as a photovoltaic world leader specialized in the development, construction, operation and solar photovoltaic plant maintenance. As well, the company will apply its expertise to more renewable energy sources.

X-ELIO counts on the wide trajectory travelled by its predecessor, Gestamp Solar, whom since its foundation in 2005, quickly turned into one of the main solar photovoltaic worldwide energy developers.

The pillars on which it holds are Ex –that means ‘out of’ and ‘from’ – and Helios –the Greek god that represents the sun-.

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