Road Safety First

Road Safety First

“One of every three deaths in road accidents are because of  leaving the road”

One of the most important Gonvarri Steel Services activities is the development, engineering, manufacturing, installation and marketing of products for road equipment. This business unit is Road Steel.

The importance of road safety is an issue that goes beyond the general interest. For this reason, Gonvarri Steel Services strives, in innovative ways to become a leader in its sector and thus, meet the needs of our current and future clients. For this purpose, today we opened a new site:

In this site, you will find all the information about Road Steel in an attractive and innovative way.

The website is focused on the HIASA team testimonies. We want to show our gratitude to all who have participated in this project; especially to Antonio Amengual, Fernando Castro, Adrían Fernández and José Agustín Suárez-Valdés.

This new site has a great visually appealing through interesting testimony videos and explanatory graphics.

On behalf of Leading the Change we encourage you to visit this new site as well as share with us your impressions.


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