Gonvarri Steel Services is committed to transparency and sustainable development

Gonvarri Steel Services is committed to transparency and sustainable development

First Sustainability report of Gonvarri Steel Services

  • It has created a distributed economic value of 1,270 million euros in Spain and Portugal.
  • 96% of its staff in Spain and Portugal has a permanent contract.
  • Since 2006, the number of accidents with medical leave has decreased by 83.3%.


Madrid, 22 October 2014. Gonvarri Steel Services Península Ibérica (GSS Spain and Portugal), leader in the Spanish and Portuguese sector of steel service centers has launched its first Sustainability Report (for the 2013 financial year). The information in this report complies with the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative for its A+ application level and it has been externally reviewed by an independent auditing firm.

GSS Spain and Portugal contributes to the creation of wealth in local communities. During 2013, GSS has generated a distributed economic value of 1,270 million euros and the creation of local employment, among others.

In relation to employment in GSS Spain and Portugal, the great stability of its staff (96% of the 1,188 workers have a permanent contract) and the good results in health and safety matters at its facilities must be highlighted. Since 2006, the company has reduced the number of accidents with medical leave by 83.3% and by 82% for absenteeism due to accidents at work.

The company has eleven steel service centers located in Spain and Portugal and four business lines with steel products. GSS supplies to different sectors such as the automotive, the industry, the road safety and the solar structure sectors. Its production capacity is 4.2 million tons of steel per year.

Jon Riberas, Executive President of Gonvarri Steel Services confirms “The initiatives included in this report clearly reflect the values that guide us: honesty, humility, tenacity, and work; and the corporate principles that have oriented our company since its beginnings and which are part of our Ethics Code of Conduct.”

The GSS Spain and Portugal Sustainability Master Plan considers these values and principles as core for its development obtaining the following results:

1. Commitment to clients: Answering to the needs of the automotive industry, diversifying its products’ portfolio and contributing in the creation of lighter vehicles; GSS Spain and Portugal have started to operate a new aluminium line in the Gonvauto Barcelona facilities, with high expectations of growth in the future years. Moreover, the Gonvauto Asturias plant has begun its activities with particular focus on manufacturing and marketing of welded tube for the automotive sector.

2. Encouragement of professionals: GSS Spain and Portugal have developed activities focused on optimizing processes and on flexibility measures in order to adapt to possible changes in the product demand, always keeping them compatible with the employment stability. In fact, 96% of the staff has a permanent contract. It is also worth noting that this year the “Leading the Change” project, an ambitious corporate intranet project with the objective of enhancing employees’ development through communication and fostering the sense of belonging, has been improved.

3. Leading the Change: One of the company’s strategic and priority objectives is its workers’ health and safety. This has resulted in most of GSS facilities being certified under the OHSAS 18001 standard. Also, an effective corporate prevention plan called “One Step Beyond” has been implemented; this has resulted in substantial improvements in safety and has reduced the number of accidents with medical leave by 83.3% and absenteeism due to accidents at work by 82%. In 2013, as part of its commitment to continually improve through innovation, GSS Spain and Portugal have certified seven projects; five for innovation and two for R&D, which have increased the efficiency of the processes and the quality of the products.

4. Sustainability: economic, social and environmental. Its commitment to the environment is reinforced by reducing the environmental impact by using the Environmental Impact Index. Additionally, some energy efficiency initiatives and renewable energy production have been developed at its plants.

GSS Spain and Portugal have contributed to value creation for society through two approaches:

• Manufacture of lighter products for the automotive sector, which has a positive impact on vehicle emissions reduction and therefore, contributes to the fight against climate change.

• A commitment on road safety through the design, development, manufacture and marketing of innovative protective barriers aimed to improve the protection of the roads, mainly for motorists.

*Check the Sustainability Report 2013 of Gonvarri Steel Services Península Ibérica at http:/www.gonvarristeelservices.com/en/sustainability

About Gonvarri Steel Services

Gonvarri Steel Services (www.gonvarristeelservices.com) is a leading company in the steel service centers sector, with revenues of over €2,2 billion in 2013 and selling 3,6 million tons of steel. Its strategy in the steel processing business is based on the development of products and services with great added value, allowing the company to establish closer relationships with the main clients in four business units: automotive, road steel, solar steel and industry. Gonvarri Steel Services has 30 service centers located in 15 countries. Gonvarri Steel Services is a member of the UN Global Compact.

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